Punny Thanksgiving Caption Ideas for Instagram

It’s that time of year folks, get ready for your Instagram feed to be flooded with Thanksgiving posts. I know you’re gonna post one too… We all will! If it doesn’t make it on the gram it didn’t happen! 

The real question is how will you make your post stand out from the rest? 

Don’t just write “Thanksgiving 2020” or “I’m stuffed”, you can do “butter” than that!

I’ve got you covered! Here is a list of punny captions to take your Turkey Day Instagram post to the next level. 

If the main course is your main concern:

  • Eat, Drink, and Cranberry
  • I yam, what I yam
  • Stop, drop, and pass the rolls
  • Fifty shades of gravy
  • Nobody puts gravy in the corner
  • Can’t nobody tell me stuffin’
  • Hit me, gravy, one more time!
  • Because you know I’m all about that baste 
  • Silence of the yams
  • I cran, and I will, go back for seconds..
  • Bread-y or not, here I come!
  • It doesn’t get any butter than this
  • Never skip leg day (picture of you with a turkey leg)

If you always save room for pie: 

  • Keep your eyes on the pies
  • I pecan’t even
  • Let’s get basted
  • Love at first bite
  • Piece out
  • You’re the apple of my pie

If you’re extra thankful for your family/friends this year:

  • This group has the tur-key to my heart
  • Grateful, but mostly great/full
  • Baste. Thanksgiving. Ever. 
  • Squash goals

If you’re “ just here for the wine”:

  • Zero plucks given
  • Let the gourd times roll
  • Having a butter-ball
  • Let’s get basted
  • Can’t let all of this wine go to baste

I think you’ll find your perfect caption somewhere on that list!

Don’t forget to add a festive emoji and filter that gives you that post-gravy glow! 

Just make sure to take your IG picture BEFORE the turkey sweats kick in! 

PS: Elastic is your best friend this time of year, leave the rigid denim at home! 

xx- A