Punny Moon – Social Media Takeover

My husband and I got married in September, but we postponed our honeymoon until Christmas. We agreed that we wanted a social media free honeymoon. I still wanted to stay engaged with my business without taking my mind away from my honeymoon, so I brainstormed some fun ways to keep ACouplePuns connected with my social media community.    

Laughably, I thought I’d plan my posts ahead of time. The holiday rush kicked in and there went my vision. Plan B – a social media takeover. I made a list of brands and bloggers I thought would be a good fit. This would be a collaborative effort for them to reach a new audience with their brand and keep mine engaged while I was on my honeymoon. Eager to help, my husband coined the phrase “punnymoon” as a catchphrase to describe our inevitably pun-filled honeymoon.  

I was blown away by everyone’s enthusiasm. In one evening, I had 14 daily takeovers booked. I gave easy to follow guidelines and mailed them a pack of cards to use in their posts. They’d showcase my brand on my main feed while using the stories to strut their own stuff. The rest was up to them! I put up an out-of-shop message on my website and let the punnymoon begin…

I was thrilled to find that that my punny nature and style inspired some punny posts of their own. Beautiful, unique, and innovative posts littered my main feed. I can’t thank them enough for all their hard work and creativity. The takeover showcases the power of collaboration and how social media can help us harness the collective creativity of our entrepreneurial minds.  

In retrospect my Plan B should have been my Plan A. This taught me more than I would have learned through trying to pre plan my posts while on vacation. I encourage you to make the most of your connections and find creative ways to share your brand! 

 Meet the gals who took part in my #punnymoon! If you missed out and want to see what they did with the stories check out ACouplePuns Instagram Hilight #punnymoon. 

Nicole Ritter 

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To The Moon Bus 

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Water Dog Floating Yoga 

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Say Hey DC – Sayeh Saidi 

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CC Bliss Box 

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Archer Soapworks & Apothecary 

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The Bend Magazine 

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Sweetest Snaps 

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AND ONE Marketing 

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blenderstyle – Gianna Nucci 

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Downtown Corpus Christi 

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Heels & Valleys 

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What Jew Wanna Eat & Modern Tribe 

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