Punny inspiration is everywhere!

Someone asked me if I am always carrying cards around incase I run into the perfect photo op. I laughed and took this has a HUGE compliment. My type A, over planning self appears so spontaneous that this human thought I keep cards tucked away in my pocket so I don’t miss any photo ops! I wish my life were that spontaneous but I’m a total planner!    

I love traveling so whenever I’m planning a trip I scope out popular blogs and find out where the best murals or fun photo ops are and I’ll design my cards specifically for a trip I plan to take. It makes for fun pit stops (or detours) on road trips and has helped me find some amazing murals and unique sites!   

I have always had a love for photography and now I get to couple travel, photography and cards all in one punny photo!   

 Here are some photos of my favorites!   

That Pink Door – Palm Springs, CA 

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Cabazon Dinosaurs – Cabazon, CA 

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North Park San Diego, CA 

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Prada Marfa – Marfa, TX 

Prada Marfa, Marfa, ACouplePuns

Coronado, CA

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Pacific Beach, CA 

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