Punny Halloween Decor and Letter Board Ideas From Etsy!

Anyone can put up some decorative cobwebs and pour some candy corn in a dish! So why not “trick or treat yo’ self” to some “fa-boo-lous” Halloween decor before this year’s fright fest!

Here is a round-up of our favorite decorations that are “too cute to spook”!

  1. Shoes Off Witches DoormatA-79437989

    Just because you have a (Witches) broom doesn’t mean you want to spend all day sweeping up after guests! Lay down the (haunted) house rules starting when they get to the front door!


  2. Drink up Witches Cups   https://bit.ly/2F4ubEX

    Speaking of cleaning up, save yourself some time on the dishes by pouring your potions into these recyclable party cups! Plus this gives you a great catch phrase for the evening!

  3. You Coulda Had A Bad Witch Pillow”  https://bit.ly/2SthyGD

    “Why ghouls great till they gotta be great?”

    We really can’t get enough of Witch puns this year! But hey, if the broom fits! 
    This pillow would fit into any fall decor, and put a smile on any Lizzo fans face! 

  4. Give Us The Boos! Bag  https://bit.ly/3jzRvJH

    We like to think of this as an adult trick-or-treat bag! The perfect size to “creep” off to the store and pick up another bottle of red! But drink responsibly! No getting sheet-faced!

  5. Meow-loween Towel https://etsy.me/3nkSmQD

    This is the purrfect Halloween addition to your kitchen! After all, every witch needs a snarky cat sidekick! (Just ask Sabrina!)

  6. Shake Your Booty Banner https://etsy.me/36GjsMp 

    Hang this banner before your “ghouls night out” and prepare for everyone to “scare up” the dance floor! But don’t blame us when you can’t get anyone to go home!

  7. Halloween Punny Cards!

    Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day to send your Boo some snail mail! Shop our fun Halloween Cards today!

Of course, you don’t need to go out and buy a bunch of new decorations! One of our favorite ways to add some “Scare to your Lair” is updating your letter board! Put out some mini pumpkins and a bowl of your favorite candy! (For the trick-or-treaters of course!) 

There are dozens of “Pun-fect” phrases to spook things up! 

  • “Vampires Drive Me Batty”
  • “Don’t make me flip my witch switch”
  • “Witch way to the candy?”
  • “Let the ghoul times roll”
  • “If you’ve never carved a pumpkin, you don’t know jack!”
  • “If the broom fits!”

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Creep it real, Witches!!