Microsoft Teams & JARS by Dani Collaboration

I was thrilled to be a part of this “JARsome” sponsorship with JARS by dani and Microsoft Teams. I worked with Dani and a small team of creatives to design her new product packaging all while using Microsoft Teams to collaborate. This photo is of our virtual JARty where we kicked off the project, learned how to navigate Microsoft Teams and had our cake and ate it too ?. As many of you know ACouplePuns is a side hustle (for the time being) while I am a fulltime Production Manager at an advertising agency. I use collaboration tools on a daily basis to communicate ideas and manage tasks. This specific project introduced me to a concept I’m already familiar with but on a new platform – Microsoft Teams.  I love finding ways to do what I love while also representing the personal and greeting card brand I have worked to build. 

Ever since starting ACouplePuns I have gathered most of my inspiration from fellow female entrepreneurs, or should I say entrePUNeurs. Dani from JARS by Dani is the perfect example of someone who knows how to leverage a Instagram-able (and delicious product) in order to fuel unique opportunities for her brand.    

This opportunity goes to show the possibilities that can come out of fueling your side passion! This is also an example of how professional experience can help leverage opportunities with side ventures.    

I never imagined ACouplePuns would someday land my face on the front of Microsofts Facebook page or allow me to be a part of an influencer campaign like this!  

Perhaps I should cook up a punny copywriting career with ACouplePuns?!