2018 Local’s List Winner – A Punny for Your Thoughts

Thanks A PUN to everyone who voted ACouplePuns for The Bend Magazine Local’s List 2018! I have been here in Texas a little over a year now and my card shop is nearing a year old next month so I’m still shocked I was even considered for this alongside some well-established artists and businesses!

My cards have gifted me with many new relationships and introduced me to small business owners resulting in the opportunity to collaborate for promotional giveaways, be featured in subscription boxes and step into the world of wholesale and see them in shops all over Texas and a few back home on the East Coast!

Every opportunity ACouplePuns has provided me is still so unexpected and I’m excited to see what happens next 🙂 Here is the amazing article the team at The Bend Magazine wrote allowing me to share my story and how I turned a love for puns and art into my own small business.

Locals List Party at the Art Museum of South Texas.