The Best Halloween Movies to Stream on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, & Disney Plus.

October is the perfect time to get cozy on the couch with your “boo” and watch a spooky movie! We all have so many different streaming services it can be impossible to keep track of “witch” movies each platform has!

Don’t bother scrolling through Netflix for 2 hours just to end up watching “The Office” for the 300th time. (We’ve all been there!)  

We got you Boo!! We put together all of our favorite movies on the most popular “screaming” services! 

 Here is your go-to list for streamable movies with scary-tale endings!




Amazon Prime Video

The Addams Family


But if, after all of that, you still want to watch your all-time favorite binge-able shows. (No judgment here, you gotta boo what you gotta boo!)

 Here is a list of the best Halloween episodes from The Office, Friends, and New Girl.


The One With The Halloween Party: Season 8 Episode 6

The Office: 

Employee Transfer: Season 5, Episode 5

Here Comes Treble: Season 9, Episode 5

Koi Pond: Season 6, Episode 8

Spooked: Season 8, Episode 5

Costume Contest: Season 7, Episode 6

Halloween: Season 2, Episode 5

New Girl:

Halloween: Season 2, Episode 6

xoxo – A