Halloween Punny Cards For Your Boo!

Hey Punny People! 

Happy Fall Y’all! It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here so I figured some fun Fall and Halloween… or should I say “Falloween” cards are a good excuse to say hello and share some puns!

One thing I’ve been having a lot of fun with lately is making light of the chaos in the world through my punny cards and content. These cards are a mix of 2020, my love for PSL, Cardi B, and Candy Corn (yes, I love this treat.)

I hope you Fall in love with them as much as I did! 

xx – Angelca @acouplepuns



2020 All Tricks No Treats

Capture all that is spooky about 2020 with this card.

You Are Fangtastic 

For the one you really vant.

Love you, Boo! 

For the boo you’ll never ghost.

Corny Card 

We’re all about corny cards!

Horrors In This House 

A Halloween Cardi. 🙂

Falling For You

There’s almost too much basic for one card.

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