ACouplePuns included in 7th St Candle Gift Guide

By Angelica Hanley | Dec 20, 2019

Excited my ATX friends at 7th St Candle Co. Included ACouplePuns in their Gift Guide! I met the couple behind this…

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Finding inspiration from everyday life to start a business.

By Angelica Hanley | Dec 8, 2019

ACouplePuns was featured in The Chic, an online publication for young professional women and entrepreneurs!

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By Angelica Hanley | May 8, 2019

Angelica Hanley is the inspirational, thoughtful and funny owner and entrePUNeur of ACouplePuns, a company that creates unique cards guaranteed…

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We’re moving to Boston!

By Angelica Hanley | Apr 8, 2019

OH SHIP! We’re shipping up to Boston. 🍀 A cliche reference to everyone’s favorite St Patty’s Day party song (or party song in general) and to the Navy moving us to Boston! Ok, we’re getting a break from the Navy while my husband goes to grad school for a year but you get the picture. ⚓️ This fly pilot guy got himself accepted to a grad program at MIT!! 👏🏼

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Faking it til’ you fulfill it – My first wholesale order!

By Angelica Hanley | Feb 1, 2019

 I’m headed to NYC to debut my pun filled brand at the National Stationery Show this weekend! Wholesale is a lot of…

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Punny Moon – Social Media Takeover

By Angelica Hanley | Jan 1, 2019

The takeover showcases the power of collaboration and how social media can help us harness the collective creativity of our entrepreneurial minds. #punnymoon

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National Stationery Show Feature!

By Angelica Hanley | Dec 1, 2018

National Stationery Show prep is in full swing! 2019 is going to be a busy and fun year for ACouplePuns. I’ll…

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Fall Instagram Brand Collab

By Angelica Hanley | Nov 1, 2018

Collaborating with other brands and seeing the fun photos people share of ACouplePuns is why I love entrePUNeurship 🧡😉

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