ACouplePuns included in 7th St Candle Gift Guide

Excited my ATX friends at 7th St Candle Co. Included ACouplePuns in their Gift Guide!

I met the couple behind this business a couple of years ago when I first started ACouplePuns. It was my first Pop Up in Austin (a city that is known for its booming art scene) so to say I was nervous would be an understatement. I was also still unsure of what I was doing with ACouplePuns and struggled to own up to the fact that I wanted to grow this into more than something I did from my living room. I was just too caught on thinking my idea was too silly to ever be taken seriously, we’re talking about puns here!

Zaid, the guy who wrote this post came up to me and said something along the lines of how he cant wait to see my growth and that I’m onto something really fun and unique. Since then I’ve continued to gain a new sense of confidence with each day and each opportunity. I’ve even offered some advice and lessons learned to the 7th St Founders as they learn how to scale and market their business.

You never know who you’ll inspire and how much of an impact a few words can have. It’s fun seeing how much can happen in a couple of years!