5 Ways to Virtually Celebrate Friendsgiving!

There is no question that Thanksgiving is going to look a little different this year. 

You may not be travelling home to your family, and your regular crew of friends may not be able to get together in person!

But that doesn’t mean that you should throw in the towel on Friendsgiving altogether! 

So when your friends ask if you’ll be able to have a fun virtual Friendsgiving, you can proudly say “YES WE CRAN!”

Here are 5 ways to make the most of your virtual Friendsgiving!

#1 Make Your Favorite Side Dish

Have everyone make their own version of the same Thanksgiving Side dish! Then you can judge them on presentation and creativity! Talk about squads gourds! 

#2 Thanksgiving Drinking Game

“Buckle” up Pilgrims! These games can sneak up on you! Especially with one of those Thanksgiving Margaritas!

Anytime someone says a certain word (turkey, thanks, covid, pick whatever you think would be the most fun!) That person has to drink! 

Simon Says: play old fashioned simon says, the last person to do whatever simon says drinks!

Never Have I Ever: This one is pretty self explanatory, but someone says “Never have I ever.. ____” and whoever HAS done that, drinks!

#3 Host With The Most

“Most Likely To”: Take turns saying “who is most likely to ____” Whoever the majority picks as the person most likely to ___ drinks!

While Friendsgiving won’t be hosted at your house this year, you can still be the host with the most! 

Send out a little care package a week or so before the party with an “OPEN AT FRIENDSGIVING” warning! Then you can all open up the package together on zoom! Think about adding cute holiday napkins, chocolates, pictures from past Friendsgivings! Here are a few other cute ideas you can use as “stuffing” for your gift box!

Turn any wine bottle into a hostess gift with these fun bottle tags! Buy a pack of 6 and always have a quick gift on hand!


Send a little note to all of your pumpkins telling them why you’re thankful for them this year!


Or to really bring the party send all your turkeys a Smirnoff Ice! (Or just pick one friend to get the ICE!) Imagine “ICE-ing” your friends over a zoom call, it doesn’t get “butter” than that!


#4 Virtual Game Night

Codenames: Everyone’s favorite spymaster classic has a virtual version! Perfect to play with your friends over zoom, just text out the link to your game in your group chat! 


Pictionary: Use Zooms whiteboard feature to play this classic game! 

To find the Zoom whiteboard to click the share screen button located in your meeting toolbar, select the whiteboard, and click share. 

You should then see a toolbar  that will let you use your mouse to draw as you would for a traditional Pictionary

You can take turns sharing the screen’s whiteboard depending on who’s turn it is, and you can put some in charge of keeping time for the person who is drawing.

Charades: This one is fully low-tech! Charades can be played basically the same way it is in real life!

Just divide your group into teams and make separate chats (in zoom or over text) for each team so you can consult each other in secrecy!

Or get creative! You can adapt all sorts of games for virtual game nights! 

#5 Make a Playlist!

Just because you’re all in different places doesn’t mean you can’t all enjoy a themed playlist for the night. 

You can pick a Spotify list, or make your own! Mix in some holiday classics with songs that will definitely get the group going! Just remember that it’s “All About That Baste!” 

This Friendsgiving may not be what you imagined, but that doesn’t mean you can’t let the “gourd” times roll!

xx- A