10 Punny Halloween Costume Ideas!

It’s spooky season, and that means every strip mall has a Spirit Halloween Store popping up! But before you run out to buy an overpriced zombie nun costume, check out these perfectly punny costumes that are sure to give em’ pumpkin to talk about! 

Spice Girls


Get all your best witches together and dress up as a punny version of everyone’s favorite girl group! This group costume will definitely spice up any Halloween party and would be an easy to DIY project! No one wants to show up to the party dressed up as a “Pinterest Fail”!!

It’s Raining Men


No need to save this costume for a rainy day! Pull out your rubber boots and raincoat for this perfectly punny ensemble! How often do you have an excuse to print out pictures of all of your favorite man-crushes anyway? Bonus points if the forecast actually calls for rain on Halloween and you are dressed appropriately!

Ice Ice Baby


Stop! Grab your baby and husband! (or wife/baby daddy/baby mama/favorite aunt/anyone with a love of puns and Vanilla Ice!) This costume is perfect if you’re a “momster” with a little gremlin in toe! Super easy to create! All you need is some plastic and paper and that’s a (90s) rap!

Bad & Bougee


Whether you’re feeling like a bad girl, or want to lean into your inner boujee self, this costume is perfect for you and your bestie. You probably already have everything you need in your closet! Add a candy cigarette or some fake bling and you will be “ghoul” to go!

Dunkin’ Donuts


Everyone’s favorite coffee shop deserves a halloween spotlight! This costume allows you to show your favorite basketball some love and enjoy a pumpkin spice latte! All you need is a pool inner tube with some felt, (or pick up a premade donut inner tube) some comfy athletic wear, and a coffee! If you add a baker’s dozen for your friends this costume will be a slam dunk!

Bread Winner


This costume will make you feel like you’re bringing home the bacon! Grab an old tee-ball medal or trophy out of your closet and a loaf of wheat and “get that bread!” And if the party gets too wild, you can use the loaf of bread to soak up the boos!

News Flash


We all know the news cycle has been crazy this year. It’s time to make some breaking news of your own! 

Grab your local paper and some tape to make a “ dress” over your comfiest clothes! That way, your costume still looks great, but you can move around the party in comfort! Throw on a robe or trench coat and you’re ready to spread the news! Bonus points if you “turn on the flash” before you take any pictures!

Social Butterfly


We all have that one friend who is always posting on social media, or won’t let you eat your pizza before they take the perfect picture for their Instagram story! If that sounds like you, it’s time for you to own it!

You are the Social Butterfly! Grab a pair of butterfly wings and some social media logos and prepare to take selfies all night long! 

Dust Bunny


Some bunny needs to recreate this look!! You will definitely have a Hoppy Halloween in this cute dust bunny ensemble! All you need to do for this costume is a pair of ears in your hare and your swiffer duster! Plus your dust bunny accessory will make cleaning up after the party that much easier!

Pupkin Spice Latte


Don’t forget about your four-legged friend! Dress your pup up like your favorite overpriced fall latte! You could even find yourself a green apron and a headset and be their “Barkista!”

We hope you love these costumes as much as we do! If you dress up as a pun this Halloween be sure to tag us! @acouplepuns