10 Punny Earth Day Captions for Instagram

Hey Punny People! 

Earth Day is the best Holiday in the world! (pun very intended). Usually, you’d consider celebrating by getting outside, planting trees and spreading awareness of environmental issues but due to social distancing, we’re going to have to celebrate Mother Earth a little different this year.   

I’ve compiled this list of Earth themed puns to help you spread awareness share some giggles and a lot of love for our planet! 

1. How do you organize a party for Earth Day? … You Planet!  

2. Let’s keep the Earth clean, it’s not Uranus (although I hope we’re all keeping those clean too)    

3. May the forest be with you.    

4. Why is Earth Day once a year but Sun Day is every week?    

5. Saving our planet means the world to me.    

6. “Go get a life” – said Earth to all of the other planets.   

7. Hey Earth, you rock!  

8. We all live on earth because it is really a space-cial place.   

9. The way the earth rotates makes my day.   

10. You are a waste if you don’t recycle, and I don’t mean to trash talk.     

Remember, Earth is something we all have in common so share a little pun today and get people thinking about Earth Day!      Xx – Angelica